Alex Budu,
One of the most unique photographers I have ever seen. Labelling his work as “photography” does not serve it justice, it's art. He is gifted with such an exceptional vision for his work. The Photos are fresh, unique, and creative, his work evidently distinguishes him from other photographers. Alex’s great personality and sense of humour is easily reflected through his art, this being the reason I am extremely excited to work with him in the near future. They say that a picture speaks a thousand words, Alex’s are limitless.

-Samantha Mele ( Professional Dancer )
Alex Budu’s work is as appealing and interesting as his personality. It was a pleasure to work with such a professional and talented photographer.

-Morel Abramovici ( Artist, Designer, Musician )
Having Known Alex for over a decade, I can honestly say it's a breeze to work with him. Not only is he professional, but he's funny and makes sure you're comfortable, even if you're in the most awkward poses. He pays particular attention to detail and makes sure you're satisfied with the finished product. Alex Budu transforms your pictures into something unimaginable and creates images in photography which are beyond art.

-Nicole Lima ( Model)
I've worked with many photographers the last few years and it's very difficult to find one I feel as comfortable with and confident in how the final product will turn out as i am with Alex. He has a sharp eye and an incredibly creative vision. And on top of all that he's just an awesome guy.

-Ari Lyon Wien (Lead Vocalist in Monday Rose)
It's very rare to find someone who is not only passionate about the work he's involved with but also to find a person who has so much fun doing it. The work speaks for itself. It is a true testament to the hard work Alex has put in. Working with him is not only a professional experience but one filled with friendship and trust. He is a master of manipulating the frame and getting what he wants in his work. If his work carries any indication then we are truly going to see some great things from Alex in the years to come.

- Sunnie James D. ( Hollywood/ Bollywood Actor )
2009 Alex Budu
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